Get Nitrogen! Only $5.00 per tire!

Now more and more I-5 Point S Tire locations are offering a nitrogen tire filling service. This new technology is gaining in popularity as an alternative to oxygen-filled tires. Together with oxygen, nitrogen is a component of the air we breathe. However, this odorless, non-toxic gas has a larger molecule than oxygen so it cannot escape as easily through porous material such as a rubber tire wall. A tire filled with a higher percentage of nitrogen leaks at a much slower rate than one filled with oxygen.

Benefits of Nitrogen:

  • Does not leak out through sidewall as fast as regular air due to larger molecules.
  • Nitrogen has no moisture, so it’s better for your wheels because it won’t rust or oxidize. No moisture means less effect on pressure due to temperature changes.

Answers to the most asked questions:

  • Yes, refills for nitrogen are FREE here for life of the tire.
  • Yes, you can mix nitrogen with regular air if your tire is a few pounds low and your not here. When you return to I-5 Point S Tire we will purge the regular air from your tire and refill your tire with nitrogen for FREE.
  • Yes, if you get a flat somewhere else and fill your tire.
  • with regular air we will purge and refill your tire for FREE.
  • No, it is not explosive.
  • Yes, nitrogen will maintain air pressure in the tire for longer than regular air. Regular air will (on average) lose 1.5 lbs per month. Nitrogen takes 6 months to lose 1.5 lbs.
  • The U.S. Military uses nitrogen, most race car drivers, and all aircraft tires.