Retreading Services

We have an on-site retread shop. We use Oliver & Oregon Pre Cure Tread Rubber. Our retreads are handled by one person from start to finish. Our retread expert, Ron, as been working with us for many years. We offer overnight retreading service if a trucker is in need.

What is Retreading?

Retreading is a process where selected and inspected worn tires, called casings, receive a new tread. The worn tread is buffed away and a new tread is bonded to the tire body in a process similar to the manufacturing of a new tire.

Benefits of Retreading:

An Excellent Value

Retreaded tires cost less to produce than a new tire - usually 30% - 50% of comparable new tire prices.

Retreads are Safe

Retreaded tires are proven as safe and durable as comparable new tires. Retreaders adhere to very strict and stringent industry standards at every step of the retreading process. Laboratory test are conclusive that retreads consistently demonstrate the same integrity in operation as comparable new tires.

Retreads are Earth Friendly and Green

Retreading conserves oil. The rubber components in a new passenger tire alone contain 7 to 8 gallons of oil. Retreading that same times only uses 2 to 3 gallons of oil. New truck and semi tires require 22 gallons of oil but only require 7 gallons to retread. A good retreading program can reduce scrap tire piles while benefiting the economy and the environment.